Rachel’s Choice Basket | Highgate Flowers

Rachel's Choice


Looking for a unique present? Discover our gift selection basket, as chosen by Rachel, one of Highgate Flowers' owners.

The basket is hand woven in Mexico, each one is unique and colourful and makes an ideal shopper.

It includes a decorative angel candle holder, made from tin with a weighted base and a hand painted face to give unique character.

Hand knitted and felted, the Tøfler slippers are wonderfully soft and warm as well as comfortable.

Thought to bring good fortune, the Pilea or Chinese Money Plant is also easy to care for. Presented in a textured, light grey pot, it's ready to add greenery to a desk or coffee table.


Mexican Angel Candle Holder: Height approx 20cm

BasketHeight approx cm, Width approx cm, Length approx cm


Pilea: Easy to care for. Water sparingly and ensure soil is well drained.  Likes a bright spot out of direct sunlight.