At Highgate Flowers we are committed to supporting artists and artisans, evident by the range of handcrafts and art that are displayed and sold in our shop. The artists and makers sold at Highgate Flowers cover a wide range of disciplines from ceramics to jewellery, textiles, sculpture, prints and wood work.

In addition, many of the artists are invited to do window installations to highlight their work and compliment the flowers and plants.  

Elizabeth Clayman

Elizabeth Clayman works in a variety of mediums including fibre, drawing and printmaking. Her fibre work uses the unspun fibres of wool / silk / flax with the ancient nomadic felting technique. There is no glue or sewing used, the loose fibres are arranged in layers and gradually bound together with water and friction.

Natural forms, cellular structures, fragmentation and poetry are often the motivation for her current work.

As sustainability is an important aspect of Elizabeth’s practice, British wool, including wool on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist, is often used in order to preserve the heritage of these historic sheep breeds. Some of these breeds are used in conservation grazing to maintain and increase biodiversity in ecologically fragile sites.


Our ambition is to build on this artistic community and to extend our interests towards offering art workshops in the near future. Please contact us so we can let you know about any upcoming workshops.