About Us

In Spring of 2014 at 247 Archway Road in North London, Highgate Flowers opened its doors. Offering a sensorium to the senses, a place of sanctuary and inspiration amongst the glorious displays of floral temptations. Providing a unique floristry experience, catering for the individual customer.

Whether an exquisitely seasonal hand tie is requested, or the transforming of a venue for wedding occasions or ambitious events. No request is too small or too ambitious.

The partnership of Rachel Toler and David Weldon receive all requests with their unique personable approach and attention to detail, translating their client’s wishes with the confidence and flair their joint artistic experience brings.

Both Rachel and David bring to this partnership their expertise as eclectic professional artists and garden designer. Their inspiration is to communicate and deliver a unique service to the local community and beyond.

The spectacular curated window displays hint towards the creative hub nurtured within the expanding premise at 247 Archway Road N6 5BS.

Highgate Flowers supports its local artists and artisans evident by the range of gifts and art that are displayed and sold. Their ambition is to build on this artistic community conversation and to extend their interests towards offering workshops in the near future.

Highgate Flowers are open
Tuesday – Sunday 8.00am - 8.00pm (other times by appointment)
247 Archway Road N6 5BS
Tel: 020 8292 4997

Alternatively orders and enquiries can be placed through the website www.highgateflowers.co.uk